NATO Chief Blasts China Over Over Russia Support

( – The leader of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) called out China for their support of Russia in their war against Ukraine, suggesting the most populous country in the world should be penalized for their support.

While speaking in Washington D.C., Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary-general of NATO, stated that Beijing needs to stop their support for Russia’s invasion or face consequences from their allies in the west. Stoltenberg suggested that China can’t have it “both ways” by both supporting the “largest armed conflict” on the European continent since the second World War while also maintaining a positive relationship with their western trading partners. Stoltenberg added that if China doesn’t change their course, they should face economic consequences. Stoltenberg added that if China doesn’t change their course, they should face economic consequences.

China is the largest trading partner of Russia, especially following sanctions against the former Soviet nation following their invasion of Ukraine. Though China has publicly maintained a neutral position on the war and consistently expressed a desire for peace, they have also shared “high-end technologies” with Russia that has enabled them to advance their nuclear capabilities and other missile technologies.

In addition, Russia has obtained nearly all of their microelectronics from China, which allows them to develop more war-time technologies and weapons. However, according to Mao Ning, the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, China “values” their partnership with Ukraine and mentioned that their embassy in Ukraine is still operating normally.

The United States has been pushing back against China’s support of Russia, pointing out that while China has followed agreements not to send Russia any weapons, they are still sending important technologies to Russia that are required to build weaponry as a way to work around the sanctions. In June, the U.S. sanctioned 20 companies based in China for sending items used for building weapons and war technologies to Russia.

In mid-June, China refused to participate in a peace summit of over 100 nations in Switzerland over complaints that Russia was not invited.

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