Netanyahu Refuses Hamas Condition for Hostage Release

( – Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has refused to accept permanent ceasefire demands of Hamas in exchange for the hostages, most of whom have already died in captivity of the terror group.

While Netanyahu emphasized the importance of recovering the hostages, he stated that any such deal would stop the country from achieving its biggest war objectives, including eliminating Hamas entirely.

Netanyahu asserted that Israel will continue its fight against Hamas until the completion of its objectives, adding that if the country agrees to Hamas’s demands, it will be perceived as a surrender.

Netanyahu’s comments came at a time when Hamas stated that it agreed with the peace deal proposed by Qatar and Egypt.

There is also speculation that the US has assured Hamas that it can convince Israel to agree to a ceasefire if all hostages are released.

Almost 130 hostages are believed to be in Hamas’s captivity, but the Israeli military believes that only 60 of them are alive.

As part of the potential deal, the Israeli government is also supposed to release many Palestinian extremists who have been convicted of the murders of Israeli citizens.

However, Hamas has demanded that Israel must agree to a permanent ceasefire as the terror group needs to reorganize itself and start ruling the Gaza Strip once again. Meanwhile, Netanyahu believes that succumbing to any such demand would mean a loss for Israel, as the country has repeatedly claimed that it aims to eliminate Hamas altogether in the current war.

The Israeli military also believes that the city of Rafah is the last stronghold of Hamas, but the international community has pressured Netanyahu not to attack it as nearly all the displaced people of the war-torn Gaza are currently present there. However, Israel has already started bombing the city and taken control of its crossing.

The Israeli public is also divided on its government’s actions. Leftists are urging the government to reach a deal even without invading Rafah, while right-wing groups want a victory even if it comes without a hostage deal.

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