Nevada Defendant Returns to Court after Attack on Judge

Nevada Defendant Returns to Court after Attack on Judge

( – A man who attacked a judge is back in court to finish his sentencing, this time with shackles and a spit mask.

On Wednesday, January 3rd, defendant Deobra Redden, 30, was being sentenced by Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus. While Redden was claiming that he is “not a rebellious person” and talked about how he always tries to do the right thing, Holthus made it clear that he would still be serving time for attacking someone with a baseball bat.

When the court marshal moved to take Redden into custody, he shouted several expletives and charged forward, leaping over the judge’s desk and attacking her. Thankfully, officers in the courtroom were able to grab Redden and subdue him, keeping Holthus safe, though she sustained some injuries in the attack. The entire incident was caught on video, which immediately went viral.

When Redden returned to court, Holthus sentenced him to four years in prison for his attack with a baseball bat, which could potentially be served in just 19 months if he is released early. Holthus made it clear that she was not amending or adjusting the sentence she was initially planning to give Redden before he attacked her.

Redden is now facing 13 misdemeanor and felony charges over the January 3rd attack, including intimidating a public officer, battery of an officer, battery by a prisoner, battery on a protected person, as well as extortion charges. He will need to return to court for those charges at a later date. If Redden is convicted, he could face decades in jail.

Steve Wolfson, the Clark County District Attorney who was prosecuting Redden, called Redden an “extreme danger to the community” when talking about Redden’s criminal history. Wolfson described Redden as “violent his entire adult life.”

Redden’s rap sheet includes several violent crimes, including domestic violence charges. Holthus was a prosecutor for 27 years before being elected as a judge in 2018.

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