New York Mayor Reneges On Mexico Border Trip

( – Though the mayor of New York City planned to visit the southern border between the United States and Mexico over the weekend of March 23rd, he cancelled it at the last minute due to “safety concerns.”

Eric Adams, the Democratic Mayor of NYC, was supposed to visit two cities in Texas, Brownsville and McAllen, as well as several cities in Mexico. However, according to Amaris Cockfield, Adams’s spokesperson, the U.S. State Department was concerned about safety issues at one of the planned stops in Mexico, leading his office delay the trip. It is unclear when Adams may reschedule the visit. This would have been Adams’s second trip to the border since the 2022.

The New York Mayor was invited to visit by the executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande, Sister Norma Pimentel. They planned it during the Catholic season of Lent, the four weeks before Easter. Cockfield issued a statement saying Adams and his team were looking forward to the trip to “explore new ways to collaborate” with other American leaders. Cockfield added they were looking for “concrete solutions” to the immigration crisis.

As New York City declared itself a “sanctuary city,” meaning they will take in any immigrants regardless of immigration status, the city has unsurprisingly been flooded with illegal migrants. According to Adams’s office, over 180,000 migrants have arrived in NYC since early 2022, with over 60,000 of them living in the city’s emergency shelter sites. The mayor’s office stated that they have spent over $4 billion dealing with the massive influx of migrants, and they estimate that the price tag will soar to $12 billion by 2025 if things do not change.

This is not the first trip dealing with the immigration crisis that Adams has abruptly cancelled, as he cancelled meetings in Washington DC in November 2023 after discovering that the FBI was investigating his 2021 mayoral campaign and had even raided the home of his chief fundraiser. That investigation is ongoing.

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