NFL Kicker Expresses Conservative Values in Speech, Jersey Sales Spike

( – Following a speech slamming Biden’s leftist agenda and many liberal talking points, Kansas City Chiefs Kicker and three-time Super Bowl champion Harrison Butker observed a massive surge in his jersey sales.

Butker’s #7 jersey has even surpassed the sales of his star teammate QB Patrick Mahomes’ jersey and is listed in the “Most Popular in Jerseys” section on the NFL official store.

During a recent commencement speech at Benedictine College, Butker busted multiple far-left narratives, which helped him garner support from many conservative circles including from the far-right senator Josh Hawley who also praised the NFL player.

Butker suggested that while many female graduates seek satisfaction in professional achievements, he believes true fulfillment comes from marriage and bringing children into the world.

In his fiery speech, the placekicker noted that his wife only enjoyed her life when she became a “wife,” “mother,” and a “homemaker.”

The NFL star also grilled Biden’s abortion stance, stating that the president claims to be Catholic while killing innocent babies at the same time. It is due to Biden, Butker continued, that many people have started falsely believing that they can be Catholic and still support abortion.

He also criticized DEI narratives and the very existence of the LGBTQ “pride month,” which celebrates a “deadly sin.”

Butker also called out activists who are busy propagating different gender ideologies among the masses.

Many perceived Butker’s comments as misogynistic and tried to cancel him. A petition launched to remove him from the Chiefs has gathered more than 151,000 signatures.

While his remarks received applause from the students during the ceremony, the NFL player attracted criticism from many students after the event.

One student remarked that Butker’s words became so disturbing that the students started thinking that this was not the right time to propagate this message. Others noted that Butker should have encouraged them to follow their dreams as they started their professional lives instead of demotivating them right from the word go.

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