Obama Ramps Up Strategic Help to Biden Reelection

Obama Defended Biden Gaffes

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The New York Times released a report on Tuesday, March 26th, stating that former President Barack Obama has been making frequent calls to top aides in the Biden campaign to “strategize and relay advice.”

Obama, who won two terms himself, is reportedly gravely concerned that Biden will lose his re-election bid to former President Donald Trump in November. This has led to Obama making regular phone calls to top aides to Biden, including White House chief of staff Jeffrey D. Zients, in order to discuss campaign strategy. Zients previously worked for the Obama administration, so he and Obama have developed a good work rapport.

According to the report, Obama has “always” been concerned about a potential loss to Trump. The report also adds that Obama is not the only former president speaking with Biden’s team to strategize, as Bill Clinton has also been making calls to Biden’s team on a regular basis. Not only that, but both Obama and Clinton will be making an appearance at a Biden fundraiser on Thursday, March 28th at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Former President Obama also visited the White House to discuss campaign strategy on Friday, March 22nd, spending “several hours” there to talk about ways to improve the Biden campaign, which Obama has privately described as “unstable.”

Many advisors to the Biden campaign believe that Biden’s appeal is weak among black and Latino voters, so Obama’s plan is to encourage those voters to support Biden’s re-election efforts. However, he will likely not be aggressively campaigning for Biden until early voting begins in the fall. There is also talk of Obama planning to visit college campuses to motivate younger voters, another demographic that Biden is struggling with.

Though Obama and Biden famously have a warm relationship now, things were not always so friendly between the two men. Though Obama selected Biden to be his running mate, they didn’t immediately click. However, after years of working together and dealing with the death of Biden’s son Beau in 2015, the two men developed a cordial and trusting relationship.

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