Political Consultant Faces Millions in Fines Over Biden Robocall

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) fined a Democratic political consultant $6 million for impersonating President Joe Biden using AI-generated fake robocalls.

Before the New Hampshire Democratic primary in January, Steve Kramer generated the AI voice of President Biden and asked voters not to waste their votes in primary elections but save them for general elections in November.

The robocalls urged NH voters that casting their ballots in the primary elections would help Donald Trump and that their votes would be useful in the presidential race only.

Kramer claimed that he was able to clone Biden’s voice for only $500 only and managed to robocall almost 5,000 voters. He also added that his only intention was to wake up lawmakers and force them to regulate AI use in the elections.

According to NH Attorney General John Formella, Kramer faces indictments on multiple felony counts for voter suppression, impersonating a public official, and bribery. Formella also expressed optimism that the indictments will deter anyone who is planning to manipulate the election process.

Kramer has previously worked with the presidential campaign of Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips, who challenged Biden in the primaries but failed to gain any traction. However, Philips’ campaign suggested that they were not responsible for Kramer’s actions and that he generated the calls in his private capacity.

The congressman also urged lawmakers to take immediate measures to regulate AI use before it’s too late.

The controversial call also forced the FCC to outlaw the use of AI voices in robocalls.

Meanwhile, Lingo Telecom, the service provider Kramer used to call voters, was also fined $2 million for failing to comply with caller ID authentication laws.

2024 will be the first-ever general election in the United States after the explosion of AI technologies, which has worried the US security agencies as well. Multiple intelligence agencies have warned against the use of generative AI and deep fake technology in the electoral process.

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