Prepare For War with Russia Very Soon: EU Military Leader

( – A high-ranking general in the Norwegian military issued a warning to other NATO countries that a Russian attack is likely to come within the next few years.

Gen. Eirik Kristoffersen, the Norwegian defense chief, said that the rate at which Russia is stockpiling military equipment is concerning, especially since many Western nations have exhausted their weaponry by sending them to Ukraine. Kristoffersen said he believes Norway and other western nations are in a short window of time during which it is critical for investments in national security to be made. He said it’s important that Norway develop a strong national defense, so they are able to “face an uncertain and unpredictable world.” He also urged Norwegians to begin stockpiling food and other essentials in case war strikes, suggesting people have at least three days of supplies on hand, and even more for vulnerable groups.

Kristoffersen’s message to NATO countries highlighted the fact that Moscow has been working with Iran and North Korea, allowing Russia to significantly increase their production of weaponry. He was not the only military leader to suggest that western powers need to shift their focus to preparing for a possible war. Admiral Rob Bauer, the chair of NATO’s military committee, said private and public powers in the west need to shift their mindset from believing that only predictable things will happen to believing “anything can happen.”

The Norwegian defense chief didn’t seem to share concerns from some that a potential victory for Trump in the 2024 election would damage the war effort in Ukraine or increase risks for NATO countries. Kristoffersen pointed out that one of Trump’s biggest criticisms of European countries was that they did not spend enough money on national security. He said things in Europe are “completely different” now than they were in 2016.

These warnings come shortly after a German newspaper shared leaked documents from the their Ministry of Defense indicate that the German government is preparing for multiple scenarios that could lead to war with Russia.

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