Pro-Haley Super PAC Pursuing Dem Voters Ahead of Key Primary

( – With polls showing a significant lead for Donald Trump in the upcoming South Carolina Republican primary, the pro-Nikki Haley super PAC, SFA Fund Inc., is making an unconventional move: courting non-Republican voters. A new mailer sent to Democrats who didn’t participate in their party’s primary encourages them to switch sides and vote for Haley in her bid to unseat Trump.

This strategy hinges on the unique feature of South Carolina’s open primary system, where voters can participate in either party’s primary but only once. While Democrats who already voted are ineligible, the estimated low turnout of just over 130,000 who cast their ballot in the February 3rd primary represents a potential pool of support for Haley.

The mailer’s message: “Vote for Nikki Haley against Donald Trump” – reflects Haley’s campaign’s understanding that Trump’s dominance lies primarily within the Republican base. By unconventionally reaching out to Democrats and independents, Haley hopes to chip away at Trump’s lead and exploit vulnerabilities in his support.

This move echoes Haley’s campaign memo before the New Hampshire primary, where she emphasized the importance of attracting non-conservative voters in open primary states. It aligns with her self-proclaimed image as a moderate Republican capable of uniting a divided electorate.

However, the path is fraught with challenges as recent polls paint a grim picture, with Trump leading Haley by margins ranging from 35% to a staggering 45%. This means that convincing Democrats and independents to switch sides requires navigating a delicate balance.

The success of this unconventional strategy hinges on several factors. Firstly, turnout among Democrats and independents must be significant enough to impact the outcome. Secondly, Haley’s message must resonate with them, convincing them she offers a better alternative to Trump.

Alex Stroman, a former executive director of the South Carolina GOP, stressed the importance of Haley securing every possible vote to defeat Trump.

He urged Nikki Haley’s campaign to target Democrats who didn’t vote in their own party’s primary. Leaning on South Carolina’s open primary system, where voters can participate in either party’s primary once, Stroman believes the three-week gap between the Democratic and Republican primaries presents a golden opportunity.

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