Rapper Disses San Francisco Mayor Over City’s Blight

(ConservativeInsider.org) – A rapped named Chino Yang who calls California home released a “diss track” about San Francisco Mayor London Breed, calling her a clown and suggesting her policies have led to an increase in crime and homelessness in the area.

The song, titled “San Francisco our home,” was released on YouTube on December 13th. The video features Yang wearing a “Stop Asian Hate” shirt alongside footage of violent assaults, break-ins, and thefts in San Francisco.

Yang, who also runs a restaurant called Kung Food, said his business has been broken into or vandalized at least seven times in the past four years, making it difficult to successfully provide for his family. He claims the city’s lack of “law and order” is what’s led to the high levels of crime.

While Yang initially defended his song and video critical of the mayor and other elected officials in San Francisco, he has since released an apology, claiming to have been threatened by powerful people close to the mayor. Yang made a post on social media, claiming that the San Francisco NAACP president, Rev. Amos Brown, came to Yang’s business and threatened him to get the song taken down. Brown hosted a press conference to criticize Yang, suggesting that Yang “erroneously hijacked” rap music, seemingly suggesting that black people have a monopoly on the genre. Brown said Yang was using his music for “divisive, devilish, destructive” purposes.

Yang, who is allied with the Asian Justice Movement (AJM), is now asking for an apology from Brown and the San Francisco NAACP for attempting to pit black and Asian communities against each other. The AJM and Yang released a statement on December 30th, both to demand an apology from Brown and to remind the NAACP that Asian-Americans have also faced prejudice in America and that both communities are stronger when they work together.

When contacted for comment, Mayor Breed’s office said they do not have a response to Yang’s song or video, but that they take all instances of crime and theft against individuals and small businesses seriously.

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