Republican PAC Looks to Sack GOP Incumbent

( – In an unusual twist of events, a Republican Political Action Committee spent nearly half a million dollars to unseat an incumbent Republican in Congress. This move highlights the latest infighting in Republican circles that has been growing since former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy was removed from his position.

Bob Good is a Republican Representative from Virginia and has served for two terms in Congress. He voted to remove McCarthy from the Speaker position, a move that has now put a target on his back from other Republicans.

The group looking to unseat Good is a Super PAC called Defending Main Street, a group that describes their goal as “enacting common sense, conservative legislation” through helping ensure a Republican majority in both the House and Senate. Though the group’s CEO and president, Sarah Chamberlain, said the vast majority of the group’s funding goes to protecting incumbents and getting more “mainstream conservatives” elected, but felt the “unique situation” with Good warranted their attention and money.

Rep. Good has accused former Speaker McCarthy of being behind the effort from Defending Main Street, suggesting it is a “revenge tour” to get back at those who voted to remove him from his position last year.

Other Republicans have supported the effort to remove the incumbent Good from office, including Nebraska Representative Don Bacon, who has supported Good’s biggest challenger in the upcoming primary, John McGuire. This follows Good’s endorsement of Bacon’s rival, Dan Frei.

Good has clashed with other Republicans, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has repeatedly pushed to remove current Speaker Mike Johnson from his position. Good’s argument is that Greene’s actions are not “in the best interests” of former President Donald Trump. Though Good admits he does not support Johnson, he would like to hold off the battle for the position until after the general election in November. Greene has criticized Good for his initial support of Gov. Ron DeSantis in the Republican primary, though Good has since endorsed Trump.

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