Republicans Rail Biden’s China Tariffs as Boost for Domestic Green Agenda

( – President Joe Biden announced increased tariffs on electric vehicles from China on Tuesday, May 14th in an attempt to push his green agenda. Republicans, however, are strongly critical of the president’s move.

Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance, who has been a long-time advocate for manufacturers in America, called Biden’s mandates on electric vehicles a “complete catastrophe,” particularly for Americans who work in auto manufacturing. Vance suggested that the only way to help American auto workers was by re-electing Trump, who will not push electric vehicles on the American populace.

Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, was critical of the increased tariffs for another reason—that they were too late to stop China from “crushing” American manufacturers. Rubio also lamented the fact that Biden is only increasing tariffs on electric vehicles from China and not typical combustion engine vehicles as well, as he believes Chinese manufacturers pose an “extinction-level threat” to American automobile manufacturers.

Trump himself also slammed the tariffs, suggesting that Biden’s new move is strictly about pushing Biden’s green agenda rather than helping American auto workers.

Ken Griffin, the CEO and founder of Citadel, a $60 billion hedge fund, called Biden’s new policies “incoherent,” as Biden claims he is trying to reach a “zero carbon world” but then quadrupled the tariffs on cheaply made electric vehicles from China. Though Griffin is an influential Republican donor, he is waiting to see who Trump selects as his Vice President before he decides to donate to Trump’s campaign.

Ironically, Biden himself was extremely critical of tariffs on Chinese-made goods when former President Donald Trump was in office, saying that Trump didn’t understand that when tariffs are placed on foreign goods, Americans pay for them instead of the country they are being imported from. During his 2020 campaign, Biden promised to remove the tariffs Trump imposed on Chinese imports. However, it appears Biden reversed his position on Chinese tariffs in an attempt to appear “tougher” on China than he previously has before the November rematch against Trump.

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