Republicans Subpoena Agency Over Voter Registration Efforts

( – Republicans in the House of Representatives have alleged that the Biden administration used the Small Business Administration in a “vote grabbing” operation in Michigan, an important swing state in the upcoming November election.

Roger Williams, a Republican Representative from Texas who chairs the House Small Business Committee filed a subpoena against several officials from the Small Business Administration, alleging that they are part of plot to “register Democratic voters” in a critical swing state in an attempt to ensure a Biden victory in November. The subpoena follows an investigation from the House Small Business Committee into the methods the SBA is using to register new voters. The officials mentioned in the subpoena are Arthur Plews, the Chief of Staff for the SBA, as well as Tyler Robinson, his special adviser.

According to Williams, members of the SBA were supposed to be interviewed by the committee, but they did not appear for their interviews, leading Williams to issue a subpoena. This is the first subpoena issued by the Committee in over 10 years, and the first subpoena issued by Williams as chair.

Suspicions about the program were raised when the program was announced in March, shortly after Biden began campaigning in the state. The unprecedented SBA program is being run in collaboration with the Michigan State Department and was announced as way to connect the people of Michigan to “vital voter registration information,” ostensibly to help people who own small businesses to vote.

Republicans from all over the country have called out the SBA for the program. Pennsylvania Rep. Dan Meuser called it “unconscionable” that the only federal agency designed to assist small businesses is using their limited resources to “advance partisan political campaigns.”

In 2020, Michigan voters narrowly voted for Trump over Biden. Republicans have accused the SBA program of being a partisan way to register more Democrat voters so Biden can win Michigan during the 2024 election. The subpoenaed members of the SBA are now required to sit for interviews on May 21.

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