RFK Jr. Gets Iowa Ballot Access, Continues Nationwide Push

(ConservativeInsider.org) – After a one-day convention in Iowa on April 13, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. won a slot on the general election ballot for the presidency.

When Kennedy announced his candidacy in October 2023, he intended to appear on the ballots for all 50 states and DC. According to his calculations, the project’s costs should be between $15 million and $18 million.

After throwing his hat in the ring in April 2023, Kennedy’s resolve was clear—he wanted to unseat President Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s nominee. When it became apparent he would not bounce Biden from the ticket, Kennedy decided to run as an independent candidate. Among other complaints, Kennedy claimed that the DNC had unjustly impacted the Democratic primaries, choosing, for instance, not to allow Biden to debate any Democratic candidates.

Speculation over Kennedy’s possible run for the Libertarian Party candidacy intensified as the new year began. Kennedy spoke with Libertarian organizations and voiced his approval of most Libertarian Party principles. In Iowa, Kennedy denied the rumors and stated his determination to remain Independent, highlighting his aim to separate himself from the Democratic Party and any other political affiliation.

To combat the prevalence of independent and third-party presidential candidates, the DNC has introduced a counterpunch– a strong communications strategy to oppose Mr. Kennedy, independent Cornel West, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, which will be led by Lis Smith, an experienced Democrat strategist who oversaw Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 presidential campaign.

Kennedy laid out his platform at the West Des Moines rally, which centers on halting the chronic disease epidemic, restoring the middle class, reducing the national debt, making homes more affordable, preserving constitutional rights, and ending the corporate capture of government agencies. He also aims to resolve ongoing conflicts.

On April 11, RealClearPolling reported on the five-way race, with Trump receiving 42% of the vote, President Biden receiving 40.2%, John F. Kennedy receiving 9.3%, Kanye West receiving 1.6%, and Jill Stein receiving 1.5%.

According to a September 2023 Gallup survey, most adults in the US think there needs to be a third party, as neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are doing an excellent job of representing the people.

The “We the People” party was formed in January by the Kennedy campaign in five states: North Carolina, California, Delaware, Hawaii, and Mississippi. The Texas Independent Party was also formed at the same time. Consequently, he only required around 330,000 signatures to be on the ballot, which is a substantial drop.

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