RFK Jr. Would Consider Libertarian Party Run

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Independent presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has hinted at a potential partnership with the Libertarian Party, sparking speculation about a significant shift in his 2024 campaign strategy.

During a CNN interview with Michael Smerconish, Kennedy acknowledged exploring collaboration with the Libertarians, a move that would guarantee his spot on ballots across the nation. He mentioned they’re looking into it and emphasized his strong relationship with the party, highlighting upcoming appearances at their California and potentially New York conventions.

This comes amid Kennedy’s ongoing struggle to secure ballot access in all 50 states, a crucial hurdle for independent candidates. He voiced optimism about his signature-gathering efforts but also revealed the formation of a new political party in several states. This tactic could lower the bar for ballot qualification.

Kennedy’s initial quest for the Democratic nomination fell short due to dissatisfaction with their internal processes, including the lack of debates. However, polls suggest he’s garnering double-digit support in hypothetical matchups against both President Biden and former President Trump, potentially capitalizing on voter fatigue toward a 2020 rematch.

Smerconish played a clip of Libertarian Party Chair Angela McArdle expressing admiration for Kennedy’s stance against mandates and lockdowns, leaving the door open for potential collaboration. She reported that they had good conversations and were on good terms. McArdle mentioned they admire his strong position and will stay on friendly terms.

Prompted by Smerconish to make an announcement, Kennedy acknowledged feeling comfortable with many Libertarian values and reaffirmed ongoing discussions with the party. While refusing to deliver definitive news, he didn’t dispel the growing possibility of a strategic alliance.

This partnership could be a game-changer for Kennedy’s campaign because it offers crucial ballot access and potentially attracts voters disillusioned with both major parties. However, it remains to be seen if Kennedy’s independent message can resonate with the Libertarian base, known for its strong emphasis on individual liberty and limited government intervention.

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