Rock Star Has Words For Republican Governor

( – Mick Jagger, the lead singer of famed rock group The Rolling Stones took a jab at the newly elected Governor of Louisiana, Jeff Landry, at a performance on Thursday, May 2nd, claiming the Republican official has regressive policies.

At the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, which the Rolling Stones were headlining, Jagger made a comment about how their group was “inclusive” before bringing up that Landry was in attendance and thus would be included, even though Jagged believes Landry is trying to take the state back to “the Stone Age.”

Jagger did not elaborate or specify in what ways Landry is taking the state back, but Landry has notably promoted several conservative policies since taking office in January of this year. Landry enacted Constitutional Carry as a law in Louisiana as well as promoting more tough-on-crime bills. The first-term Governor has also stated that he would support legislation that the previous Democratic Governor, John Bel Edwards, vetoed, including a ban on discussion of gender identity issues in public schools, as well as a requirement that teachers and school employees inform parents if their children want to change pronouns at school.

Landry seemed to take the jab in stride. After the show, he posted a joke on social media quoting the band’s famous 1969 hit, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” He stated that the 80-year-old Jagger was probably the only person at the show who could possibly remember the Stone Age.

However, wanting to be clear that he was only joking, Landry added that he “loves” Jagger and said the band is “always welcome in Louisiana.” Jagger did not reply to Landry’s social media post, but he did thank the festival for hosting them, as well as Irma Thomas, the original singer of “Time Is On My Side,” which the Rolling Stones covered in 1964. Jagger invited Thomas onstage to perform the hit with them during their New Orleans show.

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