Rogan Explains Why Rappers Are Flocking to Trump’s Side

( – Podcaster Joe Rogan suggested that Donald Trump’s guilty verdict in the hush money trial has helped him gain massive inroads among the rapper community, who are now backing the former president in great numbers.

According to Rogan, rappers can see the former president facing the same prosecution challenges that they have long discussed in their raps.

Most rappers discuss the poor legal system in their narratives, and seeing Trump’s case has helped them witness the injustice in front of their eyes, Rogan stated.

The podcaster discussed Trump’s rising support among rappers during his podcast with comedian Tony Hinchcliffe, who was also upset by Trump’s guilty verdict.

Hinchcliffe noted that Americans are not stupid to believe that Trump was really involved in any wrongdoing, and the only motive behind such a controversial case is to make him look bad in front of voters.

Rogan further mentioned that Democrats do not want to see Trump running for the presidency, adding that Trump’s conviction has further exposed that the American justice system is corrupt to its core. Even if accusations against Trump are to be believed, Rogan continued, it should have been a misdemeanor instead of a felony at maximum.

The podcaster was also terrified by the fact that an overwhelming majority of Democrats are backing Biden for this political prosecution, and nobody is bothering to question his approach that is destroying democracy in the United States.

During a recent event, Trump discussed how politically motivated cases against him have allowed him to make inroads among voter groups typically associated with Democrats.

He talked about black voters, who he believes feel connected to him because he faces undue criminal prosecution just like them, adding that he is always ready to face political persecution for the sake of Americans

The former president also praised Martin Luther King Jr. for his resilience.

Some of the top rappers who have already announced their backing for Trump include Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka Flame, Kanye West, and Chief Keef, among others.

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