Roseanne Lashes Out at ADL Intent to ‘Crush Conservative Voices’

( – Actress Roseanne Barr is no stranger to controversy and unafraid to speak her mind. On a recent episode of The Roseanne Barr Podcast, Barr shared her thoughts on Elon Musk and the Anti-Defamation League, which users on social media seemed to be very divided by.

On the podcast, Barr said that she is a Jewish woman who “loves America and its values” and that the ADL does not speak for all Jews, because Jews are not a monolith and do not all share the same opinions. She criticized the ADL’s focus on political issues. Her son, Jake Pentland, who was also on the podcast, said that he believes most of the antisemitism online is coming from people on the left. Both Barr and Pentland defended Elon Musk as well during the podcast.

Barr and her son both claimed that the attempts of the ADL and others to silence voices on Twitter is more of an attempt to silence conservative voices than it is to actually protect Jews.

One user said Barr’s opinions didn’t matter after calling her a “hate filled fat old hag.” Another user called her “bats*** crazy,” while others called her “washed up.” Many users, however, lauded Barr’s comments. One social media user called her a “National Treasure” while another shared that people are blessed that Barr is “cutting through the bulls***” to share her opinions.

The comments come after several advertisers, including Disney, IBM, and Apple removed their ads from Twitter in November over concerns about the amount of hate speech on Musk’s platform. Musk has said he will not kowtow to demands from advertisers to censor the platform. However, despite many big name companies pulling ads from Twitter, Democrats have spent over a million dollars on advertising on Twitter in recent months. Ironically, even some who signed a letter criticizing Musk and Twitter for promoting misinformation and hateful rhetoric, have spent tens of thousands of dollars advertising on Twitter. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) spent nearly $100,000 on Twitter advertisements shortly before signing the letter.

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