Russia Has Resumed Ukraine Offensive

( – As of mid-October 2023, the Russian offensive against Ukraine has made gains near the Kupyansk-Svatove-Kreminna line. These gains have been made with airstrikes at military and civilian targets. The Russian push is a response to the months-long counteroffensive from Ukraine. Ukrainian forces have not been able to breach Russian defenses as that military is successfully holding the line. Precise casualty numbers in the war zone are not known, but deaths and injuries are growing for both sides.

The Russia-Ukraine war passed the 600th day of the war in early October 2023, and clashes remain near-constant in various areas near the border of conflict. President Biden and other world leaders have said they are committed to peace through support for Ukraine. Biden has requested urgent military aid in the form of $61 billion more in funds for Ukraine. At the same time, he requested $41 billion in aid for Israel. It is unclear why Biden believes such a large amount of American taxpayer dollars would be appropriately sent overseas for foreign wars.

Biden’s support for Ukraine is clearly visible with the massive influx of money, weapons, and support, but the Russian-Ukrainian conflict appears to be ongoing and without an end in sight. The United States is also moving seized weapons from Iran and giving them to Ukraine, according to some sources.

As tensions escalate and deaths and destruction pile up, there appears to be no relief in sight. Russian drones recently attacked a nuclear power plant in western Ukraine, killing many workers and risking a disastrous outcome from a compromised plant filled with radioactive fuel. In addition, several thousand people are now without electricity, adding to the chaos in the war zone.

While Russian President Putin may have believed this incursion would be a simple show of force, some observers say it is actually showing up the weakness of Russia and its allies. Ukrainians are not Russians, nor are they going to become Russian by way of force.

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