Scott’s New Ad Aims at Rivals Over Abortion

( – Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina is taking aim at some of his 2024 presidential competitors in a new ad on the issue of abortion. Scott continues to trail in the GOP presidential polling but has performed better in the Iowa-based estimates.

He states his competitors are not as serious about preventing abortion as they should be. They should work to protect lives as a primary task. The ad correctly notes that most Republican candidates are avoiding touching on abortion in their advertisements but touch on it in speeches and events.

Of the candidates in the presidential race, Scott and former Vice President Pence support a national 15-week ban on abortion. Trump and DeSantis have avoided comment on whether they would support abortion at the federal level, though DeSantis did install a six-week abortion ban in his state- Florida. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Ramaswamy, and Haley don’t think federal restrictions are feasible in the political climate of 2023.

Republicans have long fought to overturn Roe v. Wade and, upon success, are now further cementing the GOP as the pro-life party. However, in 1992, a Supreme Court case saved abortion rights under Planned Parenthood vs. Casey. This 1992 Supreme Court case was confirmed easily aided by pro-choice Republicans in the Senate and Supreme Court. Pro-Choice was once a value of the Republican party and a slim contingent claim that it should remain a choice. The PRRI research details who is a pro-choice Republican and why they waver from their party line on that position. Some oppositionists say that Pro-Choice should be the Republican standard, giving choices and options.

Senator Scott may find his stance on abortion to be a passion project, but it likely will not add to his base support. Pew Research further shows that undecided, moderate, or independent voters have swayed left when forced to take a stance on abortion.

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