Senate Confirms 200th Federal Judge In Biden Term

( – On Wednesday, May 22, the Senate confirmed the 200th judge of President Joe Biden’s time in office. The 200th judge confirmed by the Senate was Angela Martinez, a district judge in Arizona.

Biden has reached this milestone about a month before former President Donald Trump reached the same milestone during his time in office, even though Biden started his tenure with significantly fewer vacancies in the courts than Trump did. This is likely due to the fact that Biden is a career politician who previously served as the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and thus has made confirming judges a priority during his presidency.

However, despite the significance Biden has placed on confirming judges, Trump was able to make an enormous impact by confirming three Supreme Court justices, while Biden has only been able to confirm one justice to the highest court in the land. Biden’s selection, Ketanji Brown Jackson, is the first black woman to serve on the Supreme Court.

Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the current Senate Majority Leader, celebrated Biden’s “major” milestone, saying that Biden’s selection for judges is the “most diverse slate” in American history. Schumer claims that for most of American history, judges on the bench did not accurately represent all of America, merely a “portion of America,” seemingly referring to the fact that the majority of judges throughout history have been white men. Schumer added that he and Biden are “proud” to make the bench look more “like America,” pointing out that Biden has confirmed two times as many women as Trump did, along with triple the amount of people of color.

Trump confirmed 234 judges in his time as President, and Biden is seeking to surpass that number before his first term is completed in January of next year. Though the Biden administration remains firm that it is an achievable goal, some question the possibility of confirming more than 30 judges during an election year.

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