Senator Supports Violence Against Peaceful Protesters

( – Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas urged citizens to take matters into their own hands and respond to pro-Palestinian protesters by force who are causing traffic jams in various parts of the country.

Cotton took to the social media platform X to encourage Americans to remove “pro-Hamas mobs” from roads to end the “nonsense.”

He also shared a video clip where a group of visibly angry men were removing protesters off the road by dragging and kicking them. The Senator captioned the clip “How it should be done,” although the video seemed to be from another country.

Cotton’s comments came at a time when hundreds of protesters are demonstrating against President Biden’s support of Israel’s war on Gaza, which has triggered global outrage. Most of these protesters are blocking roads, which is disrupting traffic patterns and impacting flight schedules.

Police officers arrested multiple protesters in California who were obstructing traffic. The police said that no citizen should get physical with the protesters and that they want to remove them in a legal way. Authorities also asked drivers to exercise restraint and let the police deal with protesters. According to the spokesman of California Highway Patrol, Darrel Horner, drivers can find themselves in legal trouble if they leave their vehicles to respond to protesters.

This is not the first time that Cotton has called for violence against protesters. During the 2020 BLM protests in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, Cotton urged the use of the military to curb the demonstrations. In his op-ed in the New York Times, the Senator recommended the use of an “overwhelming” force against protesters to disperse and deter them.

Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, who is one of the most vocal pro-Israel Democratic lawmakers, has also condemned the protests, although he did not ask the public to physically remove protesters. He demanded Hamas to send back all the hostages and immediately surrender to end the conflict that has now entered its seventh month.

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