‘Squad’ Member Takes Outlandish Swipe at Trump

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Progressive Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley has warned that the Justice Department under Trump’s second term will pursue a “murdering spree.”

While talking about Republicans’ plan to implement Project 2025 after winning the White House, Pressley suggested that Trump will hire loyalists to run government departments and use them to advance his violent political agenda.

She stated that Trump would use his executive powers to fire the existing government bureaucracy and replace them with “sycophants” who would eventually destroy the government.

According to Pressley, conservative political extremists are supporting the renewal of Trump-era Schedule F appointment that would help Trump overhaul the government machinery to propagate political violence.

The far-left lawmaker also noted that Trump would expand the use of capital punishment without letting offenders pass through the established criminal justice system.

She labeled Project 2025 a “far-right manifesto” that, according to Pressley, is created to destroy the life of each and every American.

However, conservative think, the Heritage Foundation, which is behind the creation of Project 2025, fired back at Pressley’s controversial remarks.

The organization stated that Project 2025 is a common-sense program that is designed to bring the federal government back to its original structure that used to serve Americans instead of politically attacking them.

The Heritage Foundation has often attracted criticism for Project 2025, which promises a death penalty for 44 prisoners who are present on federal death row.

Human rights organizations are pushing President Biden to commute the death penalty of these prisoners to save them from execution in Trump’s possible second term. They are also urging the progressive faction of the Democratic party to rally behind Biden and help him in his reelection campaign if they do not want Trump to execute the remaining prisoners.

The Trump administration triggered controversy back in 2020 for executing 13 prisoners in its last few months.

Meanwhile, Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung called Pressley an “unserious” person for using controversial language.

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