State AG Indicts School Principals Over Election Interference

( – A couple, Jesus Lujan, 33, and Lindsay Lujan, 36, both elementary school principals in Denton ISD, Texas, are under indictment for alleged electioneering. Their offense? Sending emails from their official school accounts urging staff to vote for specific candidates in the Republican primary last month.

In February, the Lujans reached out to their staff advocating for candidates supporting public education and opposing school choice, a contentious issue under Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s tenure. Their emails even included links to websites rating candidates based on their stance towards public schools.

A leaked email attributed to Mrs. Lujan further encouraged teachers and staff to take time off work to cast their votes, emphasizing the significance of every single vote. In another email, Mr. Lujan allegedly stressed the importance of the Texas Republican primary to convey their collective concerns and preferences to the party.

The Lujans’ actions caught the attention of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who filed a lawsuit against the Denton school district, accusing the principals of illegal election interference. Paxton emphasized the necessity of safeguarding elections from any form of unlawful influence or coercion.

After a settlement between Paxton and the Denton ISD, criminal indictments were issued against the two principals. Mr. and Mrs. Lujan now face charges of unlawfully using an internal mail system for political advertising, a class A misdemeanor. They could potentially face 12 months in jail and a $4,000 fine if convicted.

While some, like Sara Gonzales of BlazeTV, laud Paxton’s actions, describing them as necessary to hold those who disregard the law accountable, others, such as the Texas American Federation of Teachers, view the indictments as politically motivated. The union asserts that educators should be able to engage in civic activities without fear of legal repercussions.

Despite the controversy, Denton ISD refrained from commenting on the employment status of the Lujans but reiterated its commitment to upholding election laws. District spokeswoman Julie Zwahr stressed the importance of following board policies on elections and campaign ethics.

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