State Attorney General Sues White Nationalist Group

( – Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell is taking legal action against the Nationalist Social Club (NSC-131), a well-known neo-Nazi group in New England. The lawsuit alleges that the group has violated state civil rights laws and endangered public safety.

On Thursday, December 7th, Campbell stated that the NSC-131 is actively targeting and terrorizing people in Massachusetts, violating their rights. She emphasized that this complaint is the initial step to hold the neo-Nazi group and its leaders, Liam McNeil and Christopher Hood, responsible for their illegal actions in the community. Additionally, she affirmed, “My office will do everything within its power to keep working to safeguard the civil rights and public safety of our residents and visitors.”

The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in a Suffolk Court, claims an increase in illegal and unfair incidents from July 2022 to January of this year. These incidents include protests during “Drag Queen Story Hours” and at hotels accommodating new migrants to Massachusetts.

In 2021, the group expressed a desire to halt Drag Queen Story Hours in New England until all related events ceased. They subsequently acted on this desire by engaging in threatening behavior at events, including those in Boston in July and August 2022, Fall River in December 2022, and Taunton in January.

NSC-131 shared on their social media that offering to house migrants, whom they labeled as “invaders,” was a method to substitute “white folks.” The formal complaint outlines instances where they are accused of entering hotel premises without permission, intimidating both employees and guests, and causing disturbances in Kingston in October 2022, three occasions in Woburn in August, and Marlboro in September.

In March 2022, about twelve masked individuals from NSC-131 attended the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade. They held a banner saying “Keep Boston Irish” while watching the parade. Mayor Michelle Wu and the parade organizers disapproved of the group’s presence.

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