State Plans to Convert Prison Into Migrant Housing

( – Massachusetts Democratic governor Maura Healey is converting an old prison into a migrant housing facility as the state continues to grapple with the rising illegal immigration crisis.

The now-decommissioned prison in question was located in the town of Norfolk, which has a population of almost 11,676.

The Norfolk town administrator, Justin Casanova-Davis, informed the citizens about the government’s plans to make a temporary housing shelter out of the Bay State Correctional Center.

Casanova-Davis added that the decision was influenced by the increasing number of migrant families entering Massachusetts. He further noted that the decision was made by the state government, and the town had no role in it.

Once the shelter is completed, it will reportedly house 450 people, including some currently waiting at the Logan Airport in Boston.

Massachusetts is the only state in the US where the “right to shelter” is covered under the law for pregnant women, migrants, and other families. The state also promises its citizens other basic facilities, including pure air and safe drinking water.

Democratic state senator Becca Rausch raised her concerns about the rising influx of migrant families in a small town like Norfolk. While she wished for the humane treatment of people without shelter, she also stated that the government should “carefully and responsibly” plan the execution of any idea that seeks to incorporate more than 400 people in a small town of almost 11,500.

Recently, Governor Haley signed a generous state budget that allocated $426 million to provide shelter for illegal immigrants. Almost one million illegal immigrants are currently residing in the state. Massachusetts emergency shelter systems were accompanying almost 3,500 of them by the end of last year.

Rising illegal immigration is also one of the most prominent reasons for the mass migration of legal citizens out of Massachusetts. The state government has to spend almost $64 per day on feeding each migrant, which is also a huge strain on the state’s resources.

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