State’s Dems Launch PAC to Take On Conservative School Boards

( – Florida Democrats led by Jennifer Jenkins, who defeated the co-founder of Moms for Liberty in a school board election, are launching a PAC to decrease conservative influence in local schools.

The left-leaning PAC, named “Educated. We Stand,” will strive to reverse conservative policies that are backed by many right-wing nonprofits and even by the state governor, Ron DeSantis, who has also been a firm critic of progressive activism in schools.

According to Jenkins, who is chairing the PAC, far-right advocacy is risking the future of our children and threatening our democracy. Jenkins also claimed that her PAC would transform the educational culture in the state schools.

Florida is one of the states where the educational system has largely avoided adopting a progressive curriculum due to the resistance of conservative activists. This has prompted liberals to blame conservatives for propagating far-right narratives on social and cultural issues in educational settings.

For instance, the state banned the use of pronouns that do not match the biological gender of students, as well as teaching controversial concepts related to gender identity and downplaying the significance of Pride Month, which celebrates the LGBTQ+ community.

Conservatives believe that these policies would help parents play an oversight role in the education of their children and protect them from controversial beliefs.

However, the newly established left-leaning PAC aims to reverse bans from educational materials and transform the curriculum according to liberal values. It will also seek to limit parental authority over educational content and empower educators who would be able to take sweeping measures in schools.

Jenkins rose to prominence after defeating Moms for Liberty’s co-founder Tina Descovich, who is an influential conservative figure in Florida politics, in the 2020 school board elections.

She even tried to win the Democratic nomination for the US Senate seat from Florida with no success.

Jenkins claimed that the schooling environment should be free from any political agenda, and board members should be able to work without feeling any threat of right-wing violence.

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