Syrian Dictator Admits to Occasionally Meeting Biden Officials

( – Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad has disclosed that his government officials met with the Biden administration officials from “time to time,” primarily to discuss the withdrawal of American forces from Syria.

Assad claimed that these meetings never yielded any positive results, but they symbolized hope for the Syrian people, whose country has been partly occupied by the US military.

However, Assad did not disclose the locations of these meetings or the names of the American officials who attended them.

Assad made these remarks during his interview with a Russian state-affiliated media outlet. He stated that the Western world has failed to see any true leader since the departure of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher from the top offices of the USA and the UK, respectively.

Assad criticized modern-day leaders for not keeping their promises and their failure to think “strategically,” adding that he no longer wants to talk to any politician in the Western world.

As Americans and European leaders are failing to show statesmanship, Assad continued, more nations are now seeking alliances with China.

The Syrian leader also claimed that the United States is not interested in safeguarding the interests of its allies and always uses fiscal and strategic sanctions as political tools, which is forcing many countries to seek new international partners.

Assad has been serving at the helm of Syria since 2000. He faces chronic sanctions from the Western world for suppressing the opposition parties of the country, which has also pushed the nation into a civil war.

The United States has long maintained that Assad’s regime has been involved in abusing the human rights of the people of Syria. Syria has been facing US sanctions since 1979, when Assad’s father, Hafez Assad, was ruling the country.

America has maintained a military presence in Syria since 2014 to defeat the Islamic State, which orchestrated many terror attacks all over the world. However, Assad blamed the US military as a reason for chaos in the country.

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