Taylor-Greene Sticks By Trump After Booing at College Football Game

(ConservativeInsider.org) – After Former President Trump received a mixed reaction from the crowd while attending the South Carolina vs Clemson football game last weekend, Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Green (R-GA) jumped to Trump’s defense. Taylor-Greene, a longtime vocal supporter of the former president, said on social media that Trump is “winning” and that people love him, adding a dig against President Joe Biden, suggesting that he was unable to stay up late enough to attend the football game. She included a comment that Biden wouldn’t have gotten so many cheers.

The Associated Press said Trump’s arrival prompted “mostly cheers” with a “smattering of boos.” While this seemingly indicates more support for Trump than opposition, various media outlets are claiming the boos were “overwhelming,” suggesting that the majority of the crowd was opposed to Trump. Trump’s detractors certainly had a lot to say about him attending the game, going so far as to put up a half dozen billboards saying things like “You lost. You’re guilty” to the former president.

Trump was invited to the football game by South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, who has endorsed Trump for President. Trump was also accompanied around the game by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who has been a longtime supporter of Trump and has also endorsed him.

Before the game, Trump announced that he has been endorsed by “more South Carolina legislators” than all of the other Republican presidential candidates combined. Six legislators who had previously supported Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) before he dropped out of the race have now thrown their support behind Trump.

Despite claims that the crowd overwhelmingly jeered Trump, many vendors in the area were selling pro-Trump merchandise, such as “Trump 2020” flags. Other outlets report that chants of “Let’s Go Brandon” were heard in the stadium while Trump was present. “Let’s Go Brandon” is a derogatory phrase meant to denigrate President Biden, after a reporter who misheard a crowd chanting comments against the current president claimed on live television that the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon.”

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