Teen Girl Allegedly Raped By Migrant Admitted By Parole Program

(ConservativeInsider.org) – A 26-year-old Haitian man who has been charged with raping a 15-year-old girl in Massachusetts was allowed into the country via a parole program started by the Biden administration that flies migrants into the country, new reports reveal.

Shortly after 7 PM on Wednesday, March 13, Rockland police were called to a Comfort Inn for a complaint that a teenage girl had been raped. The hotel has recently participated in a government program to house migrants. The victim, who only speaks Haitian Creole, spoke to police through a translator, telling authorities that she went to the room of Cory Alvarez after he offered to help her with her tablet. Though she told him to leave her alone, he allegedly forced himself on her. The girl was taken to South Shore Hospital for treatment by ambulance after speaking with police.

According to Douglas Lapp, the Rockland Town Administrator, the state of Massachusetts informed town officials that the local Comfort Inn would be used to house migrants with only a week’s notice. Lapp said the town was given “absolutely no say” in the decision. Reports from Lapp indicate that there are 26 migrants living in the 20 rooms reserved by the state, though the state has indicated it may fill all 100 rooms at the hotel.

The Biden administration began a program in October 2022 allowing a “limited number” of Venezuelans to fly into the United States so long as they had not entered the country illegally before, had a sponsor within the U.S., and passed “certain checks.” In January 2023, the Biden administration opened the program to Haitians, Cubans, and Nicaraguans and increased the number of migrants allowed to enter the country to 30,000 per month. In the past year, over 138,000 Haitians have entered the U.S. through the parole program.

The Department of Homeland Security recently defended the parole program, calling it a “safe and orderly way” to enter the United States, as well as describing it as a “key element” of the Biden administration’s plan to deal with migration.

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