Texas AG Probes Boeing Parts Supplier for DEI Initiatives

(ConservativeInsider.org) – On Sunday, March 31, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) announced a probe into Spirit AeroSystems, a crucial supplier of parts for Boeing aircraft, citing recurring issues with certain airplane parts, according to a press release from the AG’s office.

Once part of Boeing’s operations, Spirit AeroSystems is responsible for fuselage production used in Boeing’s 737 airplanes. This action comes in the wake of a door panel malfunction mid-flight earlier this year on a 737 aircraft, which sparked severe safety concerns.

The AG’s office indicated that there were clear manufacturing defects on some of the 737 models, which led to several concerning or hazardous incidents, some of which occurred mid-air. As part of the investigation, Paxton has demanded various documents relevant to manufacturing defects from Spirit, including those related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) commitments.

The AG’s office emphasized examining whether these commitments compromise manufacturing processes or violate the law. In a Request to Examine letter, Spirit is urged to provide documents concerning communications with investors and Boeing regarding product defects.

Paxton also seeks meeting notes related to the company’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Council(s) and evidence supporting claims of a diverse workplace enhancing product quality.

Furthermore, Paxton has requested the personnel file of Joshua Dean, a whistleblower who raised concerns about Spirit’s quality control practices. According to reports, Dean was terminated last year for an alleged failure to conduct inspections.

Paxton expressed deep concern over potential risks associated with specific airplane models. He stated that he would hold any company responsible if they failed to maintain the standards required by the law and would do everything possible to ensure manufacturers take passenger safety seriously.

Meanwhile, Boeing has been grappling with safety issues following the January Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 incident. In response, the company announced significant changes in its leadership, including the removal of key executives and the impending departure of CEO Dave Calhoun.

In March, the National Transportation Safety Board revealed to the Senate Commerce Committee that Boeing could not find records for repairs made to the airplane involved in the mid-flight panel blowout.

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