The Trump Organization Finances Ordered Tracked For 3 Years

( – The judge presiding over former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud case in New York has ordered monitoring of the Trump organization’s finances for three years.

Arthur Engoron, the New York judge who ruled in the civil fraud case against Trump, ordered a third party to monitor the finances of the Trump organization for the next three years and added that they must inform their financial monitor in advance of any attempts to obtain a bond for the case. Engoron recently ruled against Trump in the civil case, slapping a $464 million judgment on the Trump organization for the crime of “fraudulently inflating” the amount of Trump’s assets for the purposes of financial gain.

Barbara Jones, a retired federal judge, has been monitoring the Trump organization’s finances since 2022 and has now been assigned to the role for three more years. The arrangement set up by Engoron requires the Trump organization to open the financial books to Jones. Trump’s attorneys and members of his organization have complained about Jones in filings, but so far Judge Engoron has refused to remove her from her position.

According to Trump’s lawyers, though they have reached out to over 30 surety companies to help write the bond for Trump, they have been turned down by all of them. The lawyers claim Trump has tried to use real estate that he owns as collateral, which all the surety companies have rejected. Trump shared a post on Truth Social, his social network, on Thursday, March 21st that stated the reason why surety companies were unable to help him is because it is “VERY EXPENSIVE” and they cannot work with such high amounts of money.

Luckily for Trump, an appeals court lowered the amount of his bond to $175 million on March 25. If Trump had been unable to secure the court-ordered bond, the court would have allowed to seize his assets. That would have been difficult, however, because the former president has set up limited liability companies for all of his properties and assets, which number over 300.

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