Trump Allies Want to Safeguard Civil Rights of Whites

( – A report from Axios indicates that if former President Donald Trump is re-elected in November, his allies plan to focus government efforts on stopping “anti-white racism.”

This plan includes an attempt to re-interpret established civil rights laws to focus on what is described as “reverse racism” against white people.

Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller is leading the charge. After leaving Trump’s administration, Miller founded America First Legal (AFL), which is a right-wing judicial activist group. Under Miller’s guidance, America First Legal has used Civil Rights-era laws to fight against woke corporate policies that disadvantage white men. The group has filed lawsuits against several major corporations, including Disney, CBS Entertainment, Paramount Global, Nike, United Airlines, and even the National Football League (NFL) for what they describe as discrimination against white men.

After blocking a $29 billion program from the Small Business Administration in 2021 that would have prioritized giving funding and support to restaurants owned by people from “socially and economically disadvantaged groups,” Miller called it an important first step in ending “government-sponsored racial discrimination.”

AFL has been guided by the Heritage Foundation, which is currently running “Project 2025.” Project 2025 is a plan to end what they describe as “affirmative discrimination.” One of the plan’s architects, Gene Hamilton, who formerly served as an official in the Justice Department under Trump, described affirmative action programs as an attempt to advance “certain segments” of America at the expense of other Americans. Hamilton said programs that promote affirmative action violate “longstanding federal law.”

In 2023, Trump said if he is re-elected as president, he will get the “extremism” of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs out of the government, from the military to the White House. He further attacked the concept of equity as a “Marxist concept.”

Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, called Biden’s affirmative action programs as “un-American.” Cheung added that if Trump is re-elected, he plans to immediately terminate all initiatives related to affirmative action.

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