Trump Campaign Reports Record-Setting $50M One-Day Fundraising Haul

( – Donald Trump’s re-election campaign received a one-day record fundraising effort of $50.5 million on April 6 at the house of a billionaire investor, John Paulson.

This comes as President Biden has raised over $192 million in the first quarter of 2024. This was also a new record set by the incumbent President as the highest quarterly fundraising total for any Democratic candidate. Biden continues to pull away from Trump in terms of fundraising and has been using that money to campaign in battleground states.

At the end of the first quarter of 2024, the Democrats have $192 million in available campaign funds while the Republicans have $93.1 million. Biden held a celebrity fundraiser in March that raised over $26 million and had former Presidents Obama and Clinton in attendance.

So far, Biden has had 1.6 million donors to his presidential re-election campaign. His team is currently investing in ads targeting swing state voters via the internet and television. Trump is facing four trials for criminal indictments which is taking some of his energy away from the campaign trail. The Republicans say they don’t expect to raise as much money as the Democrats in this election season, but indicated they will have enough to win.

The presidential polls have been mixed, but mostly show a close race between Biden and Trump. An NPR poll shows a slight 2% lead for Biden that falls within the margin of error. Historically, Democrats have retained a larger portion of the youth vote, but Trump is leading the polls for the youngest voters in the 2024 election.

National polls are not what determines the outcome of the presidency. The electoral college decides who wins. Donald Trump won the electoral college in 2016 despite losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden, meanwhile, is at risk of being left off the general election ballot in Ohio, a significant swing state in the presidential election.

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