Trump Defers Abortion Limit to States In Lieu of Federal Measure

( – President Trump posted a video to Truth Social stating he does not endorse an abortion ban at the federal level and believes states should be able to make their own determinations regarding abortion laws. He expressed his satisfaction that Roe v. Wade was overturned with the help of his Supreme Court appointments. Despite some conservatives asking the former President to support a federal abortion ban, Trump has said it is a states’ rights issue.

Trump further stated in his video that the overturning of Roe v. Wade set abortion up to be a states’ rights issue which is where “everybody wanted it.” He said it is up to the will of the people and every state will be different. Some states will initiate bans after a certain number of weeks, while others won’t place any limitations upon access to the procedure.

Trump did not specifically say that he wouldn’t sign a federal abortion ban into law as President, but his comments indicate a strong belief in the rights of the voters of the individual states to ultimately make that determination.

Senator Lindsay Graham said he “respectfully disagrees” with President Trump’s abortion position. Graham said that babies in the womb at 15 weeks are able to feel pain and that this fact is supported by science. He believes a federal ban on late term abortions would be important for the pro-life movement that cares about the health of the unborn child, which should be important regardless of which state the mother and baby are located. Graham said the Dobbs decision does not indicate that states need to make their own decisions regarding abortion.

Trump has received criticism from Democrats and Republicans regarding his statement. Democrats believe that Trump supports the abortion bans that are occurring at a state level. Republicans have said Trump’s recent video regarding his abortion stance is not rooted in the principles of the pro-life movement. The movement believes that abortion is wrong because it terminates the life of an innocent child, which would make a federal abortion ban the right thing to do.

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