Trump Ideates Federal University To Eradicate ‘Wokeness’

( – Once again surprising people on both sides of the aisle, former President Trump proposed the United States create a free, online university, called The American Academy.

In an announcement shared to Truth Social, President Trump criticized the state of higher education in our country, pointing out that we spend more on higher education than any other country. He suggested America’s colleges are turning students into “communists” and terrorist sympathizers.

Trump said the academy would teach “the full spectrum of human knowledge and skills,” from history courses to teaching skills necessary to enter specific trades, and that this education would be available for free to every American citizen. Trump said the Academy will not be political, but will not allow “wokeness or Jihadism.” Trump claims that the Academy would accept prior credits received at existing colleges and universities, allowing people to finish their degrees without additional cost.

Details on how the Academy would be implemented are scarce, but many have already claimed the idea would be impossible to carry out. Trump claims that this free university would not add to the federal debt, but would be funded by fining and taxing the endowments of current universities, like Harvard. It is unclear what reason or violation the fines on universities would be for.

While some polls have reported that 85% of Republicans support reform in higher education, most conservatives have been silent on Trump’s proposed academy, seemingly indicating that his proposal lacks support from his own party. Many critics have also noted that Trump previously created a real estate training program called “Trump University.” Trump was forced to settle multiple class action lawsuits over the program, paying out $25 million to former students who sued for several reasons, including false claims and “deceptive practices” by the University.

If elected, Trump would need the support of Congress in order to institute his plan. Only time will tell if Trump’s revolution in higher education will be a success.

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