Trump Juxtaposes College Campus Unrest with Border Crisis

( – Donald Trump suggested that nationwide anti-Israel protests in colleges are perhaps intentionally orchestrated to provide a cover-up to the rising illegal immigration that has marred the country in recent times.

On his social media platform, Truth Social, Trump wrote that millions of illegal immigrants, including criminals and individuals with mental health issues, are entering America, but all of this is not being noticed due to the ongoing protests in universities.

The former president has repeatedly criticized pro-Palestine demonstrations at campuses. He has even called for the resignation of the top leadership of the educational institutions who have failed to curb increasing antisemitism. Trump labeled the protesters “Hamas sympathizers” and praised the New York Police Department for cracking down on students who occupied the Hamilton Hall of Columbia University. He noted that the protesters besieged New York City, and he was pleased to watch police arresting them.

Trump’s comments came at a time when illegal immigration is touching new heights at the US Southern border, with nearly 7.2 million illegal immigrants already entered the country since Biden’s inauguration in 2021.

Congress has also failed to reach a bipartisan agreement on the border crisis, and the issue is likely to hurt Biden’s chances in the November elections. According to the latest Gallup survey, 27 percent of Americans believe that immigration is the biggest problem the country is facing right now. President Biden is hesitant to take any strict measures on the border before elections to keep his far-left voter base intact.

Meanwhile, college protests are far from over, and the police have arrested more than 1300 protesters nationwide. Although the specific demands of the protesters vary from college to college, they largely want their respective campuses to divest from Israeli businesses and condemn Israel’s attacks in Gaza.

Law enforcement departments were previously resistant to launching a decisive operation on protesters. However, now they are seen firing rubber bullets, pepper ball guns, and tear gas to tackle the violent demonstrations.

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