Trump Rallies Young Voters at Sneakers Convention

( – Continuing his method of doing things his way, former President Donald Trump made an appearance at “Sneaker Con” in Philadelphia on Saturday, February 17th.

During his speech, Trump announced a new line Trump-branded high top sneakers called “The Never Surrender High-Top Sneaker,” available online for $399. The sneakers were described as “Super Limited,” with only 1,000 pairs available. The shoes, which are shiny gold and feature an American flag on the back and a “T” on the side sold out within hours. According to Trump, 10 pairs of sneakers were autographed by him. The website, which claims to have no connection with the Trump campaign, also sells two other pairs of Trump-branded sneakers, called the “POTUS 45” and “T-Red Wave,” as well as perfume and cologne titled “Victory47,” which is a reference to the current election being for the 47th president.

Some attendees carried signs that said “Sneakerheads Love Trump,” though it appears they were given the signs shortly before Trump took the stage. There were both cheers of approval and boos as Trump began to speak, making it difficult to hear him over the din of the crowd.

During his appearance, Trump explained that he’s been wanting to release a branded shoe for over a decade now, saying he believed they would be a “big success.” He also reminded the crowd, which skewed much younger than a typical Trump rally, to get out and vote, specifically the younger people. This appearance seems to be part of the Trump campaign’s strategy to win over younger voters as well as black voters and other minorities.

Several members of the audience were questioned by reporters who were in attendance, and many said the same things about Trump and the legal cases against him. The lawsuits against Trump were repeatedly called “political propaganda” and attempts from the left to interfere with the election.

The Biden campaign took the opportunity to attack Trump, calling his sneakers “bootleg Off-Whites.”

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