Trump Touts Foreign Leader’s Support Post-Conviction

( – Following former President Donald Trump’s 34-count conviction on Friday, May 31 on charges of falsifying business records based on a hush money payment to an adult film star to keep an alleged affair secret, several world leaders shared their opinions on Trump and the case.

One of those leaders was Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary, who called Trump as a “man of honour” as well as describing him as someone who “command[s] respect” and built peace around the world. Orbán added that the people should decide how they felt about Trump in November, urging the former president to keep fighting. Trump shared the Hungarian leader’s thoughts on social media, showing off the international support he received.

Another international leader who expressed support for the presumptive Republican nominee was Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has always maintained a cordial relationship with Trump. A spokesperson for the Kremlin expressed their belief that Trump’s guilty verdict was another example of the Biden Administration’s attempt to silence political opposition. They described it as “evident” to the entire world.

The Deputy Prime Minister in Italy, Matteo Salvini, who visited Trump during his first presidential campaign, also expressed support and solidarity with Trump, calling the former president a “victim of judicial harassment.” Salvini added that his country has also experienced the left wing attempting to weaponize the judicial system to get rid of their political opponents. He also said that he hopes Trump wins the election in November, as it would create more balance in the world that would lead to more peace.

Other world leaders declined to comment on the verdict in Trump’s case, including the Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Yoshimasa Hayashi, who said they wanted to “refrain” from making comments about other country’s judicial processes. The Foreign Ministry of Germany made a similar remark, suggesting they do not comment on issues like this in other nations. Rishi Sunak, the current Prime Minister of Great Britain, said his focus was on their upcoming elections and Britain would work with whoever is elected in the United States.

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