Trump’s Classified Docs Case Judge Heavily Scrutinized

( – Special Counsel Jack Smith’s recent response to Judge Aileen Cannon’s request has reignited concerns about her competency and impartiality in a case concerning former President Trump’s management of classified information

Over the last ten months, this confrontation is just one of many instances where Cannon’s decisions have raised questions about the case’s progress, potentially leading to its extension beyond the upcoming November election. Critics suggest that the judge, appointed by Trump, is deliberately stalling the case, fueled by the pace of proceedings and Cannon’s decision-making process.

As it stands, there is still no trial start date, and the previously scheduled May 20 date seems increasingly unlikely due to numerous unresolved matters. Despite a hearing on the trial schedule last month, Cannon has not indicated when the trial may commence, despite Smith’s repeated calls for an expedited timeline.

The prospect of Trump’s potential re-election is another consideration. If the trial remains pending and Trump secures another term, expectations arise that he will order the Justice Department to drop the charges. Trump’s legal team has effectively delayed the legal processes in many cases, with Cannon’s indecisiveness also contributing to the delays.

In response to Cannon’s recent petition for jury instructions related to the defense’s argument under the Presidential Records Act (PRA), Smith expressed frustration, labeling the legal theory “fundamentally flawed.” He signaled an intent to appeal to the 11th Circuit if Cannon entertains Trump’s PRA argument via jury instructions, a move that would likely further delay the trial.

Cannon’s handling of the case has raised eyebrows, with critics highlighting instances of delayed rulings, exceptions granted, and Trump’s apparent approval of her actions. Legal experts have questioned her qualifications to oversee the case and the reasons behind the delays. Some have even called for her disqualification, although such a move would consume time.

Looking back, Cannon’s decision in 2022 to accept Trump’s bid for a special master in a separate lawsuit drew criticism from legal experts, who viewed it as an extraordinary overreach. Ultimately, a federal appeals court intervened, halting the appointment of a special master and emphasizing the importance of upholding legal standards.

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