Ukraine Bill Snuck In Millions to Enable More Migration to US

( – After months of being stalled in Congress, on Tuesday, April 23rd, the Senate advanced a $95 billion bill that would provide aid to Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel.

President Joe Biden has been pushing for the bill since last August, and it will provide Ukraine with nearly $61 billion in aid. Of that money, about $23 billion will be used to replenish American military stockpiles in order to assist Ukraine, while another $14 billion will go to the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which is used by the Pentagon to purchase new weapon systems for Ukraine directly from American arms manufacturers and defense contractors. About $8 billion will be used for non-military assistance, including economic support, such as paying the salaries of those employed by Ukraine’s government.

The bill also appears to provide nearly half a billion dollars to the Department of Health and Human Services for the purposes of “Refugee and Entrant Assistance,” which will likely be sent to Democrat-run cities that are providing support to thousands of immigrants who entered the country illegally. An addition $3.5 billion will be used for “Migration and Refugee Assistance,” which will primarily be used to support Arabs in the Gaza Strip after Hamas’s attack on Israel on October 7th.

However, the bill does not explicitly prevent the DHHS from using the money set aside for Migration Assistance from being used on migrants trying to enter the United States. William Gheen, the founder of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, criticized the bill for including funding for illegal immigrants within the US, saying it “harms our national security.”

While the bill had broad bipartisan support since first introduced last year, a growing number of conservatives opposed the bill on the grounds that the United States should be focusing more on protecting its own borders from the surge of illegal immigrants than on the borders of foreign nations. New House Speaker Mike Johnson said he put the bill up for vote after praying for guidance and now faces attempts to oust him from his position.

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