Ukrainian General Says Country’s Counteroffensive Hits ‘Stalemate’

( – According to Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny, the Ukrainian counterstrike against Russia is rapidly approaching a stalemate. In the wake of waning aid, Zaluzhny claimed that a “technological breakthrough” will be necessary to end the current deadlock.

He likens the current environment to the static frontlines of the First World War—both sides matched in technological ability, fighting a war of attrition. Russia quickly replenishes its front-line losses while Ukrainian offensives are costly and gain little ground.

Since 2021, the West has supported the Ukraine in its resistance against Russia’s invasion. American support and equipment have been indispensable to the country. However, according to recent studies, American support for the funding of Ukraine is declining. A Gallup poll revealed that 41% of Americans felt the United States was doing “too much” to assist Ukraine.

With dwindling support of aid, new conflicts in the Middle Eastern, fiscal concerns, and a news cycle less reflective of the conflict, a majority of Americans have their eyes elsewhere. Where war is more out of sight, Ukrainian aid becomes more out of mind. Now, regarding American military assistance, President Biden must not only adapt his negotiations to a Republican majority in the House of Representatives, but to the distinct goals of the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson.

Johnson, who was elected by his peers in October, remarked on Sunday that, while the free world can’t afford Vladimir Putin to prevail, “we have to take care of our own border first.” Speaker Johnson’s election follows the expulsion of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, when a cadre of resistant Republican colleagues gave him the boot in early October for negotiating with President Biden on spending- including on Ukraine aid.

Regardless, no dramatic shifts in the Russia-Ukraine war appear imminent as the frontlines freeze in stalemate. As Republicans in the House increasingly turn against foreign aid for Ukraine, substantial interventions, like the one Zaluzhny says is needed, seem less probable.

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