WH Shuts Down House GOP Attempt to Force Biden Testimony

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The White House on April 15 formally rejected a request from House Republicans for President Biden to testify in a committee hearing over an impeachment inquiry.

The Biden Administration sent a letter to James Comer (R-KY), the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, in response to the invitation for the president to testify, calling the Republican-led impeach effort a “partisan charade.” The letter, written by White House counsel Richard Sauber, also said that the impeachment inquiry has been unable to uncover any evidence that would incriminate the current president. Sauber went so far as to call the impeachment inquiry a waste of “time and taxpayer resources.”

The Republican efforts to impeach the president stem from the Biden family’s business dealings in foreign countries. The committee alleges that Biden has been “repeatedly untruthful” when asked about his family’s business relationships in foreign countries, suggesting that Biden’s son, Hunter, and brother, James, sold access to Joe Biden when he was Vice President under Barack Obama. According to Biden’s financial records, his family received approximately $24 million from various sources overseas during Biden’s time as vice president.

Comer released a statement in response to the White House letter, pointing out that Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden have both refused to testify in public about their foreign business dealings. Comer described the actions of Hunter Biden and James Biden as “corrupt influence peddling.” Additionally, Comer asked why it was “so difficult” for the Bidens to answer their questions and said the American public deserves transparency from the person who holds the highest office in the country.

In March of this year, some of Hunter Biden’s former business partners testified in a public hearing about the Biden family’s business ventures, though Hunter Biden himself refused to appear. One of Hunter Biden’s former associates, Tony Bobulinski, accused both Hunter and James Biden of lying under oath about their dealings with Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC.

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