Wisconsin Republican Affirms Trump’s Edge In Election

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Wisconsin Representative Tom Tiffany stated in an interview on Tuesday, June 18 that he believes former President Donald Trump will win the 2024 election because he’s capable of delivering “hope” to the American people in a way President Joe Biden has not been able to do.

Rep. Tiffany, a Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, stated that Trump is aware of “how important” the swing state is, and believes if Trump wins Wisconsin, he will win the election. In the matchup between Trump and Biden in 2020, Biden defeated Trump in Wisconsin by a margin of 0.63%, which was the closest an election has come in the state since 2004. Trump did defeat Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin in 2016 by a margin of 0.7%, but Democrats have won the state in every other presidential election since 1984.

Tiffany, who endorsed Trump in March, has repeatedly stated that one of the keys to Trump winning the election will be the support of Wisconsinites, calling it “the battleground state.” The representative touted Trump’s capabilities as the “only candidate” who will protect our borders.

Wisconsin became the center of a controversy in mid-June after the media reported that Trump said Milwaukee, which will be hosting the Republican National Convention in July, where he will accept their official nomination as the Republican nominee, is a “horrible place.” Democrats, including the Mayor of Milwaukee and President Biden, were quick to jump on Trump’s comments, expressing their love for the largest city in Wisconsin.

However, many Republican members of the House, specifically those representing Wisconsin and who were present when Trump made his remarks, claim his comments were taken out of context. Many Republicans, including Rep. Glenn Grothman, Rep. Scott Fitzgerald, and Rep. Tiffany suggested that Trump’s comments were not about the city itself, but about how the city handled the previous election. Tiffany stated that Trump’s comments were about the “real improprieties” involving the 2020 election in Milwaukee.

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