Abbott Says New York Mayor Should Sue Biden

( – The mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, has decided to sue the bus companies shuttling new migrants to his sanctuary city, but Governor Greg Abbott of Texas believes Adams should be focusing his efforts on the Biden administration, not the bus companies.

As more and more migrants arrive in the United States, border states have taken new approaches to dealing with the crisis. Gov. Abbott has started chartering busses to take migrants to blue “sanctuary cities” that have declared themselves safe havens for illegal immigrants. Shockingly, despite these liberal enclaves claiming that they will accept and house anyone in their cities — documented or not — they are now discovering that it is difficult or impossible to deal with thousands of unexpected guests showing up at their doors.

Since August of 2022, Texas has sent more than 33,000 migrants to the Big Apple. On Thursday, January 4th, Adams announced a $708 million lawsuit against the 17 bus companies that have been chartered by Abbott to bring migrants to cities further from the border.

While Adams called Abbott’s plan to send migrants north a “scheme” and a “reckless political ploy” meant to “overwhelm our social services system,” Abbott shot back that the lawsuit is merely a “political statement” that will “lose badly.” Abbott added that the lawsuit violates the Constitution and said that Adams should aim his ire at the White House because every one of the migrants he has bussed to New York was authorized to be in the United States by the White House.

According to the Adams administration, the state of New York has already spent $3.5 billion on dealing with the influx of migrants, and they said projections indicate they will spend $12 billion on the crisis by the end of 2025. Abbott noted he has suggested five different ways to deal with the migrant crisis via eight letters, one of which he hand-delivered to President Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security. Still, he claims he has heard nothing in response.

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