Hollywood Casts Dennis Quaid, A.I. In Upcoming ‘Reagan’ Biopic

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Reagan is going to be a narrative film telling Ronald Reagan’s life, from start to finish. From boyhood sports to life after the White House, Reagan is a $30 million film that will use the latest technology to de-age several actors. Artificial intelligence was considered for usage even more than it is already slated for, but given current concerns about AI in film, the directors decided to use traditional as well as advanced methods in aging and de-aging the actors involved.

SAG-AFTRA, the actors union is still striking, and one main sticking point is the usage of AI, both in film and in writing aspects. Dennis Quaid and Jon Voight act in this movie and given their amazing acting abilities, the need for deep-fake technology is not needed.

IMDB lists the movie as in post-production with a hopeful release in 2023 but as the strike wears on, an exact date has not been released. The actors involved in the movie list a high-caliber cast that will certainly set this movie into the upper echelon of films for the year. The director, Sean McNamara hopes to do justice to President Ronald Reagan’s legacy. McNamara took over the directing job from Rocky director John G. Avildsen, who had the job initially but died in 2017. Quaid noted that when he was offered the job he was confused; he didn’t see the resemblance but considered it the highest honor to emulate someone he admired.

Reagan as a film will be told in narrative form from the perspective of a KGB agent, who is a composite of other real individuals. The narrator, an aged agent, will tell the story as someone who began to follow Raegan in his Hollywood days and continued to do so throughout his influence and later years in politics. Involvement in the Soviet Union will be covered as well as the aftermath.

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