‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Angered by Vaxxer Propaganda on Show

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Pharmaceutical behemoth Moderna is now sponsoring the quiz show Jeopardy, and fans are complaining that the show explicitly promotes vaccine propaganda. Jeopardy is now in its 40th season and is hosted by Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik. Corporate sponsors are considered standard practice in addition to commercials and promotional considerations, but viewers are in disbelief at the level of advertisement Moderna is putting into Jeopardy.

Critics complain that Jeopardy has injected vaccine propaganda into their show and that it’s difficult to tell what an advertisement is and what is simply messaging from Jeopardy. Moderna is a publicly traded company based out of Massachusetts with a yearly revenue of nearly 20 billion dollars.

The pharmacology world is perhaps the largest industry in America, and it is rife with legal jargon, fine print, and millions of dollars dedicated to advertising and education. Anyone who watches TV has seen and heard the commercials that end with the announcement talking quickly about how the FDA has not evaluated this pill or product; consult your doctor, results may vary. This may be a skincare item, a supplement, or actual medicine needed to preserve life. In America, we are one of two countries that allow pharmaceutical ads directly to consumers.

According to Tom Nichols at the Atlantic, the first prescription drug ad was from a European maker of ibuprofen in Florida in the 1980s. The FDA perked up and insisted that they still include the necessary disclaimers, making the commercial quite lengthy. Then, as the 1990s rolled on and technology improved, paired with FDA clarification on how companies can advertise via commercials whilse including the necessary disclaimers. By 1997 drug companies invested $300 million on TV ads, then doubled that in 1998. By 2000, it was a 1.5-billion-dollar industry. In 2023, it’s a 6-billion-dollar industry that doesn’t even include direct-to-doctor marketing. Nichols contends this practice needs to end for the sake of the health of all Americans.

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