Keith Olbermann Mocks Aaron Rodgers After Injury

( – During his debut game for the New York Jets, quarterback Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles’ tendon, a season-ending injury for sure, but also potentially a career-ending injury for the 39-year-old.

While most people would feel sympathy for someone who experienced an injury so severe it might cause them to retire early, this sympathy apparently does not apply to people who chose not to get vaccinated against coronavirus. At least, not according to Keith Olbermann.

The former TV host who now runs the commentary podcast “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” didn’t hold back when going after Rodgers, who has been critical of vaccine mandates. Olbermann shared a story about Rodgers’ injury on social media, along with his tongue-in-cheek comment about how the injury was caused by “failure to vaccinate,” followed by six syringe emojis. When the Jets shared a message expressing sympathy towards Rodgers, saying it wasn’t “the way any of us wanted it to go,” Olbermann quipped “define any.”

Despite the fact that Rodgers has explicitly stated that he is not anti-vaccine and simply wants to be able to make his own decisions about what he puts in his body, liberals have excoriated him for not falling in line and pushing back against vaccine mandates. Despite the criticism, Rodgers has stood firm in his beliefs in his right to bodily autonomy.

Shortly before his premiere for the Jets, Rodgers made a light-hearted post supporting Novak Djokovic, who also refused to get the coronavirus vaccine. In the image Rodgers shared, he crossed out a Moderna advertisement that was visible behind Djokovic and added “#novaxdjokovic” as a caption. Last year, Djokovic did not attend the U.S. Open despite being invited to compete because the United States had a vaccine requirement for non-citizens. Now that the requirement has been eliminated, Djokovic was able to attend this year, winning his 24th Grand Slam Singles title. Rodgers cheered Djokovic on, calling him one of “the most fit athletes in the world.”

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