Leftists Protest DeSantis at Jacksonville Prayer Vigil

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Florida governor Ron DeSantis was booed and heckled on Sunday while speaking at a prayer vigil for the victims of a recent shooting in Jacksonville, all of whom were black. According to authorities, the shooter left behind manifestos declaring his hatred for black people. They have called the shooting racially motivated.

Governor DeSantis, who is currently seeking the Republican nomination for president was attempting to give remarks at the vigil in a predominantly black neighborhood near the Dollar General where the shooting occurred while people from the crowd jeered. Comments such as “you’re not welcome here” and “your policies caused this” were heard, referencing the fact that DeSantis has loosened gun laws in the state as well as his efforts to fight black history classes in Florida schools that promote what he calls “woke indoctrination.”

Councilwoman Ju’Coby Pittman, a black Democrat, interrupted the governor while he spoke. After taking the microphone, she said it was time to “put parties aside” because bullets “don’t know a party.” She spoke a bit longer before telling the crowd to be quiet so they could listen to the governor’s remarks.

When Governor DeSantis was able to speak again, he had already found money within the state budget to increase security in the area and provide support to the victims’ families. DeSantis told the crowd that he worked hard to protect Jewish schools from anti-Semitic violence and re-affirmed his commitment to protecting historically black universities and colleges (HBUC). The Jacksonville shooter tried to enter Edward Waters College, a HBUC, before being turned away by security on campus. The shooter then headed to the Dollar General where he murdered three people before turning the gun on himself.

On Monday, the governor’s office announced that they were giving $1 million to Edward Waters University to help increase security, and $100,000 to the families of the shooting victims. The Department of Justice is also investigating the attack, calling it “racially motivated violent extremism.”

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