Russia Envisions ‘New World Order’ – Not Shaped by U.S.

( – In Moscow, the Kremlin commented further that the “new world order” was in need of change, following up on comments made by President Biden. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that the new world order needed is not “American-centric.” In the speech referenced, Biden intoned that the world system in place since the end of World War II has run out of steam and is outdated.

Peskov agreed with Biden’s comments that the world is on the cusp of needed change and autonomy should be granted. He said that those who disagree with the United States should not be required to align with every US policy position, or to treat the US as the center of the world.

Biden’s legacy may depend on the outcome of foreign wars and conflicts that don’t directly involve the United States. From Ukraine toTaiwan and Israel, the United States has spent billions to support allies, but it may not be sufficient to control the outcomes. Biden noted that Hamas and Putin, among others, are working to demolish democracy and peace, and that cannot be tolerated in any way.

Russian President Putin and Chinese top leader Xi Jinping appear to be coordinating efforts to support their regions against shared Russo-Chinese threats. The two met recently in Beijing for a friendly discussion to talk about current world tensions and plans for the future. They say they want to build a fairer world with alternative leadership not dictated by American interests. Putin publicly noted that Middle East tensions were elevated due to American warships in the region.

Russian and Chinese officials are against blockade sanctions and economic “abuse” that results in dire circumstances for those most susceptible to influence. With China against the U.S. regarding Taiwan, and Russia against the U.S. regarding the Ukraine conflict, the U.S. may be making more foes than friends.

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